Ian Crocker has many amazing achievements under his belt starting from the dawn of the millennium in the year 2000.
In the Sydney Olympics in Ian was part of the 400 meter medley relay team that swam one of the best swims of their lives – they ended up winning the gold medal. Crocker also competed in the 100m butterfly in Sydney – he unfortunately didn’t get a medal for this swim but was very close to winning the bronze.

The world aquatic championships are of the most respected swimming competitions in the world,  and in 2003 this was Crocker’s time to shine. And boy did he shine! The 50m butterfly was Crocker’s first event, he swam an amazing race and managed to get a silver medal.

The performance he put out that day was certainly gold medal worthy according to many swimming pundits. However Australian swimmer Matt Welsh was particularly on form that day and set a world record.

Crocker then went on to set the world record at the 2004 aquatic championships for the 100m butterfly getting a gold medal – Although his long time competitor Michael Phelps was close. Crocker even stated that he thought Phelps should be the medallist. Ian Crocker was also awarded another gold medal at the aquatic championships in the 400m medley relay. Although this was slightly overshadowed in the media by his previous world record beating swim.

The 2004 Olympic Games in Athens was a great triumph for both Ian Crocker and Micheal Phelps. Crocker earned a bronze medal for the 400mere freestyle relay. He also go a gold medal for being involved in the 400 meter medley relay team and an amazing swim netter him the silver in the 100 meter butterfly. He was beaten by Michael Phelps by a split second for the gold.

In 2005 the world aquatic championships were back. And Crocker had clearly been training hard. On top form he won a total of two gold medals and one silver medal. The silver medal was for the 50m butterfly, and the gold for the 400m medley relay and the 100m butterfly.

Crocker took two silver medals in the 2007 world aquatics championships for the 50m and 100m butterfly. This however was when Michael Phelps beat Crocker – grabbing Michael the gold. Crocker was also responsible for his team being disqualified from the 400m medley relay. He dove in a split second early causing a disqualification for the American team.

This was the beginning of the end of Crocker’s swimming career. The disqualification at the world aquatic championships and the continuous  defeats by Michael Phelps must have been taking their toll on him.  He earned no medals in the 2008 Beijing summer Olympics for any solo swimming, but was given a medal for being a part of the 400m medley relay team.

The 2008 Beijing Olympics was Crocker’s last professional swimming competition. Crocker now lives in Texas where he continues his passion for swimming. He owns a swim school that has two  successful locations in Austin and Dallas.

Michael Phelps went on to have a much longer lasting career than Crocker winning several more medals. Michael Phelps created his own brand of swim spa to enable people to train without needing a full size pool. Bringing swimming to the masses. His Olympic quality swimming has clearly had an impact on the way his swim spas have been designed. Many people consider them to be superior to an actual swimming pool for pure training and Michaels swim spas have gotten many great reviews and comments.

It is reported that Michael offered one of his swim spas to Crocker’s swim schools in Austin and Dallas. We are unable to confirm if the offer was accepted or not.

Both Crocker and Phelps were masters of the water in their day. But It is Crocker that has given the most heart and soul to the cause. It was reported in 2011 that Crocker submitted himself once again to the drug testing pool. Does this mean we will be seeing some more of Crocker? It’s unlikely – but we can hope.

He is likely too old to compete in the Olympics these days. The training and fitness required cannot simply be attained by a man of his age now. But there are many other competitions that would be perfect for Crocker. And we hope to see him again soon.